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NEWS Autumn 2014

* A Raspberry Pi version of MathMagical's Iconizer software is now being sold
by RISC OS Open Ltd as a part of their NutPi project.
The NutPi will next be demonstrated at the RISC OS SouthWest Show, February 2015
SouthWest Show 2015 banner 

RISC OS software for sale.

* GPS (To be released, RISC OS SouthWest Show, February 2015)
* Iconizer II (2011)
* Flicker IV (2011)
* Abut (2009 )
* Six program Software Suite 0.781 (2009)
* ArtGraph : The Collection 2004 - 2007
Windows and Apple users will require RISC OS emulation from, for example, Virtual Acorn.

Iconizer II

MathMagical's unique software for locating & presenting 'strange attractors'.
Iconizer II is software to complement the book
"Symmetry In Chaos" (2nd edition, published August 2009)
Here are a few images from Iconizer.

to Mayanto Halloweento Fish and Eyeto Swirling Streamers
'Opening' by Martin Hansen'Within' by Martin Hansen'Hyper Arc' by Martin Hansen'Band of Gold' by Martin Hansen
Click on a thumbnail for a larger version and further detail

Iconizer II : £35

Upgrade from earlier version : £10


Multi-media sound and vision for RISC OS featuring
"Tunes from the Chip" & "Notable Computations".
(Two 'very best of' albums of tracker music)


To help answer frequently asked questions the Flicker Users' Guide is now online.


Click on the above to read the online guide. 

 Flicker IV : £15

Extra : Flicker IV users' guide in Word format

Gregor Gellissen has converted the Flicker IV
users' guide into a Microsoft Word document.

Click on the above to download the Word document


A slick and polished desktop version of the famous sliding block puzzle.
Comes with number tiles or pictures, example shown.
Abut : £10
( with future upgrades supplied free )

 Six Program Software Suite for RISC OS 

MathMagical's famous software suite for RISC OS, featuring:
* ArtGraph Film Studio
* Mandelbrot Movie Maker
* QuickGraph (graph plotter)
*MathBox (Maths puzzles and activities)
*TurtleChalk (Logo turtle graphics)
MathMagical Suite : £105
( with paper users' guide )

Upgrade from any previous version : £25 

ArtGraph : The Collection 2004 - 2007

ArtGraph : The Collection 2004 - 2007 : £15


All images, text and file downloads © 2004 - 2013, The MathMagical Software Company.