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News : Autumn 2014

A vast amount of new mathematical material was
posted on our piLEARN website  over the last academic year, 2013-2014.
The new academic year has begun and already several updates have been added.
These are proper leaching lessons, as used at Shrewsbury School.

A Couple of Amusing Math Pictures


A Calculation Conundrum

 * Exclusive to the MathMagical website * 
When the mental arithmetic gets tough we often resort to pressing buttons.
But what if different calculators give different answers ?

Place your bets on which is correct.
Now visit A Calculator Conundrum to see if you are right.

A Geometric Love Heart

In time for Valentine's Day 2012, a Geometry article on drawing a love heart.
Suitable for 8 - 12 year olds.


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What is Geometry ?

"What is Geometry ?" is this website's most popular article.
It was originally published by "Mathematics In School" in 1993.
Here, I've reproduced the full article with improved illustrations.
This is a University undergraduate level item, written in an accessable fashion.

Click on the trees to read the article.

How to solve quadratics

More correctly, "How to prove the formula for solving quadratic equations".
This short item was first published in M500, the OU maths magazine in 2008.
Used at staff INSET at Shrewsbury School.
Suitable for showing to GCSE secondary school pupils.

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Boxing Clever

"Boxing Clever", by Martin Hansen, shows how tired old clichés lead to
new insights when theory is confronted with grim reality.
The cliché is calculus, but the textbooks & Sainsbury's disagree on the answer.
Sainsbury's is right.
You will never see a humble cardboard box in quite the same light again.
This is a thoughtful Sixth Form level item on Calculus.

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The Theorem Of Pyfudgerous

One of mathematics' best known theorems is that which is attributed to Pythagoras.
Pythagoras, however, had a rival, named Pyfudgerous.
He too had a theorem for working out the hypotenuse of
a right-angled triangle from the length of the other two sides
This is a visual Sixth Form level item on Geometric Progressions.

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Magic Squares

All three parts of Martin's series on
"Magic Squares from a teaching point of view"
were published in "Mathematics In School" during 2010.
Once a few years have passed, they will be added to this website.

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