Flicker IV: Introduction

Sound and Vision for RISC OS

Flicker is fun software for RISC OS. It's a smart item to have running whilst getting on with other computing tasks. Flicker is multi-media software, and can unobtrusively add background music and calm animations without fuss to a working environment. A PowerPoint style presentation mode means Flicker can take centre stage when required. Creative types may enjoy using Flicker to produce short animations and films to which a soundtrack may be added. Flicker dove-tails with the free RISC OS application Paint which serves as its editor. A selection of presentations and animations are included to act as 'how to do it' examples, and also to demonstrate what can be achieved. As a player of existing presentations and animations, Flicker is easy to use. This Users' Guide also gives instruction on how to create new presentations and animations, and includes details of how to use Paint to aquire and manipulate raw materials into a finished form.

Tracker Music comes to RISC OS

Flicker now features Alice Green's music project; two 'best of' albums of tracker music. Several big names from the tracker music scene have contributed to this. Also known as chip tunes, this is a first attempt to drag and drop RISC OS users into the exciting and vibrant world of music composed using computers. At MathMagical we're optimistic that listeners will be amazed at the quality and sophistication of this music. Of course, having your computer connected up to a proper sound system is essential to properly enjoy what Flicker now has to offer.

Contents System requirements

Possibly as low as 64MB RAM.
StrongARM Risc PC or better.
Tested thoroughly on Iyonix RISC OS 5 (5.16).
Tested thoroughly on StrongARM Risc PC with Vpod + RISC OS 6 (6i1).
Awaiting test results on Virtual Acorn and Beagleboard.

The Flicker software package is written by Martin Hansen with contributions from the team at The MathMagical Software Company; Alice Green, Peter Shawbury and Helen Jones. The software runs natively on RISC OS hardware such as the Iyonix, the A9, or the Risc PC. Under emulation it may be used on Microsoft windows or Apple computers. A commercial RISC OS emulator is sold by Virtual Acorn.

This guide

This is Issue 4.00 of the Flicker Users' Guide, (1st revision) released 20th April 2011.

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