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T H E    A R T    P A G E

 NEWS : Autumn 2014

This digital art is created with the aid of MathMagical Software.
It is for sale : visit the software page  for further detail.


Asked to describe an ArtGraph in one sentence;
"ArtGraphs are mathematical equations, coloured in".
The algebraic equations come from my head, the plotting and colouring in I ask a computer to do.
Such explanations do not capture the spectacular and varied images that result.
For that we need a picture gallery.....

Click on a thumbnail for a larger version and further detail.

to Spangledto Digital Horizonto Sun Dayto iVibe
to Pastellatedto Diffusiveto Blue Birdto Reverberate
to Hertzto Four Leafto Tartan for Raspberry Pito Razz Star
to Scribeto Water Worldto Show Pieceto 5th Postulate
to Maxi Mindto Spunto In Your Faceto Pinch Point

Click on a thumbnail for a larger version and further detail.

All the images from both this, and the previous exhibition, from 2010, have been sold, helped
by a feature the American art magazine "I Want You" last year.

How to make "Tartan for Raspberry Pi" your twitter wallpaper

Go to Tartan for Raspberry Pi and download it to your desktop.
On twitter =>View my profile page =>Edit your profile
=>Design (scroll down) =>Chose file (ag63.png)
=>Tile page =>Save changes ;-)
You can of course use any of the other ArtGraphs in the same way

The ArtGraph Exhibition of 2010  

to Embraceto Sands Of Timeto Voodoo Dollto Fire Sign
to Equipoiseto Brandedto Fuzz Artto Relational
to Neon Starto Alien Eyesto Snoozeto Stitch
to Divineto Acess Deniedto Fire Wallto Glorious Eight
to Passion Hearts Aflameto Primitiveto Come In Peaceto Aquiesceq

Click on a thumbnail for a larger version and further detail.  

The ArtGraph exhibition of 2010 and the software used in its creation
was presented in London, Birmingham, Newcastle and Weston Super Mare.
It was organised in two parts.
Firstly, shown above, there were twenty new ArtGraphs, created during 2009 and 2010. 
Secondly, shown below, were favourites from years gone by.
To help the commentary flow the second section was in date order, starting with the oldest.

to Ragged Roundto Twin Peaksto Motif de Elanto Heart Line
to Saw Waveto Mirror Ballto Jelly Electricto Heart Line
to Wild Horsesto Saint Elmo's Fireto Agitateto Company Logo
to BinomialAfloatto Flying Saucerto Psychedelic Spin
to Thoughtto Swayto Drowningto Fort Chino
to Plusto Singularityto UK Geometryto Excitation

Click on a thumbnail for a larger version and further detail.

All images, text and file downloads © 2004 - 2013 by The MathMagical Software Company.